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Worship Free Ministries Continues to Have Positive Impact in Ford Heights, Illinois

Worship Free Ministries

Apostles Dr. Joseph Franklin and Dr. La Kisha Franklin began Worship Free Ministries in February 2013. It is a ministry called and chosen by God to minister truth and freedom through the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ. As ministers, they flow in the Apostolic gifting of the Holy Spirit, not by denomination, but through the word of God.  

Worship Free Ministries held its first worship service at Brook Cedron Pentecostal Church in Ford Heights, Illinois on Friday, April 5, 2013. These worship services were structured the way the Apostles saw it according to the original vision they received years prior. The services were held every Friday night until November 2013 when services were placed on hold to allow more time for God to develop and strengthen the Apostles in some areas, but God had a different plan.  

Soon the Apostles were leading worship services and teaching the word of God to souls who were hungry for the word and God’s presence.  

In the Spring of 2014, Worship Free Ministries purchased baptism garments and a sound system. In June, the first soul came forward to be baptized in Jesus’ name and the ministry became a full church.  

The two worshipping warriors began to hold worship services on Sundays in March 2015. That same month, they received keys to a second location, which would become the corporate offices of Worship Free Ministries at the Creative Arts Education and Event Center in Sauk Village.  

The Apostles purchased a communion set and served their first communion on Palm Sunday. A few weeks later, Brother Sarra from Gambia, reached out to Apostle Joe desiring to learn more about God and His word. Apostle Joe ministered to Brother Sarra and through these teachings, he came to give his life to the Lord.  

Brother Sarra committed himself to the teachings of Jesus Christ and chose Worship Free Ministries to be his covering. He began underground teachings as the first satellite program for the worshipping warriors. Brother Sarra receives his teachings through email and messaging.  

The country of Gambia holds strict Muslim beliefs; therefore, Brother Sarra must be careful when operating so that he will not be killed for his beliefs and teachings about Jesus Christ. This is one of the first visual manifestations of the Apostolic calling to established churches.  

Apostles Dr. Joseph and La Kisha Franklin are consecrated and dedicated to the work, will, and worship of Jesus Christ. They have chosen to take the stand that nothing will stop the promises of God and that includes the gift of eternal life.  

God is moving this ministry at a fast speed and it is running with the vision of God.  

Today, in 2019, it is the goal of the ministry to have a Worship Free Ministries Community Center that will house several programs to meet the needs within the community. There will be GED classes, apprenticeship classes, a full gymnasium and a 1,000-seat theater for concerts, recitals, and services. There will also be a soup kitchen to feed members of the community, before and after school programs and Our Music in Arts sponsored family music school.   

On Aug. 11, at 6 p.m. CT, Worship Free Ministries celebrated the launch of their building project with special guest, Grammy Award, Stellar Award, and Dove Award winner Ben Tankard.  

The Ford Heights community needs this center to provide new and exciting opportunities to its people. Opportunities that God can use to change the atmosphere within the community and extend a brighter future to young and old alike.  

The land was gifted to Worship Free Ministries by Bishop Kenneth Franklin, to build a debt-free community center coming in 2020.  

Worship Free Ministries has services at 1327 Ellis Avenue in Ford Heights, Illinois at 12:30 p.m. and at 10 a.m. in Bethel Chicago on the corner of Roosevelt and Sacramento Road.  

By Jeanette Vietti 


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