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Why Didn’t Most Students in the US Graduate College?


Why Don’t Most Students Graduate?

Most college of students doesn’t graduate because of personal problems, or family situations. Everybody wishes they were in college until they see what they have to do.

Some students don’t graduate because they think it’s too much work. They think it’s too hard and too confusing. It’s nothing like how middle school, high school, and elementary used to be it’s only because u had fewer classes and easy assignments.

Another reason students didn’t graduate college is that they gave up on themselves because they didn’t have the power the strength

To keep going in the United States over 20% of students did not graduate because they were exhausted. By now they had to provide for themselves and others and how they didn’t have a plan and what were the consequences they had to take to complete high school.

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College students have a hard time communicating with their teachers because they are having problems with themselves, etc.

If you are going through some things why not talk with the professor about the issue one is facing?

Over 10 % of students had kids without any family to provide for them. They didn’t have the funds to pay for things and their children they had to figure out.

According to homeschool success in College, some students have unrealistic expectations about how many hours they can work at a job and still do well in school. Sometimes this situation comes about due to poor college choices.

In my opinion, some kids have a hard time getting rest because of staying on social media and playing games.

By: Frederick Milner

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