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Vote Brent Jones for Nevada Lt. Governor


Brent Jones is a Republican, running for the position of lieutenant governor in Nevada. He has experience with lowering taxes and slashing regulations that deplete businesses and jobs.

The Commerce Tax was placed upon all businesses in Nevada. The tax forced a $1.3 billion tax increase. The largest the state had ever seen. The majority of voters, including many small business owners in Nevada, voted against the tax that was still forced upon them.

Jones is working with his team to lower taxes and abolish regulations that deplete businesses and jobs. According to the candidate, tax increases, massive regulations, and arbitrary rules only burden businesses and diminishes opportunities in the future.

The candidate is working to show that reducing regulations will promote growth and strengthen the economy. He stands by President Donald Trump who made a substantial tax cut and cut regulations for every regulation added. The effects of his measures are evident as the economy is now booming and there are more good paying jobs.

Written By Alexis Norman


VoteBrentJones: Brent Jones

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