"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

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Being a seventeen-year-old teen coming back to high school after completing boot camp last summer has really made me appreciate where I come from. Chicago is my home and Little Village is like my room in that home because that’s where I sleep every night. The culture is like no other.

I have always turned to sports when times were rough. Each year in high school I played at least two sports, it has always been something I can turn to that makes all the stresses of Chicago feel as if they were not even there in the first place. Basketball and Football are most definitely the top sports that I enjoy watching and playing the most.

The classroom is an aspect of my life that I excel in as well. I believe the classroom is just as important as sports, because in my opinion, in order to obtain a job that you love and makes you some sizeable money, you need that education to even qualify for that job you desire. I completed at least one AP class in each of my years of high school.

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