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Things One Would Not Know Without Journalism

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Journalism is a program by The News School (TNS) that is worldwide. People can learn a lot from the TNS journalism program, like VW TRICEP which stands for value, who cares, timeliness, impact, conflict, emotional quality, and proximity. The News School program allows people of all ages to improve their writing skills and learn the profession of journalism as well as write-in AP style, format articles, retrieve sources, and publish written works on real news websites.

Is The News School a Successful Program?

Courtesy of TNS Staff

Yes, The News School is a successful program. Throughout the years of the program, many participants of The News School have gone on to receive degrees and have successful careers. Participants in the program are supplied with countless opportunities. In addition to their articles being displayed on a public website, which any and everyone can see.

Is Journalism Only About Writing?

No, most news is acquired through other mediums in the modern era. An understanding of those mediums is essential to success. The program teaches social media marketing, website creation, cinematography for interviews, directing, and live streaming. Participants can operate camera systems, set up lighting, work with green screens, or even create their own show to share on The News School’s sister website, YouTV1.

Why Should One Join the Journalism Program?

Journalism opens up more opportunities for people. It is possible one might get something out of it if they join. Journalism also helps with their careers, like if they want to be a journalist or an actor or even a movie director. It can also help you create bonds with other people and make new friends. Journalism can also build an individual’s vocabulary and help with their speech and pronunciation. Journalism can also teach people new things like the upside-down pyramid.

What Is the Upside-down Pyramid?

At the top of the pyramid, there is the Most Newsworthy Info which is: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? In the middle of the pyramid, it is important details and other general information — background information. At the bottom is the conclusion which is information that is nice to have but not critical. Usually, it is a summary of what the article is about.

Written by Tatiyana Bond
Edited by Sheena Robertson

Images Courtesy of TNS Staff

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