The Future 2024 Election

The Future 2024 Election

Former Vice President Mike Pence adressing the GOP in Lincoln Regan Dinner


In Des Moines Iowa Mike Pence went to Iowa where he was met with a nice crowd of people who welcomed him back from his trip after the election. The Republican party had a picnic in the northern hemisphere the nation applauded him on that Friday. Next in Iowa later that day in the noon it was a ballroom full of religious traditionalistic was the same.

Then The annual Family Leadership said he was a “honorable” a man of faith the Evangelical Leader Bob Vander Plants said it was a persistent a unprogressive voice in Congress then also the governor and also the vice president. The few others said they seen Pence, was in the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

A lot of Iowa Republicans have done a determination of recent Conservative Political Action Conference silage vote, the latest in the last couple of days in where Pence checked out the representation every 1 percent of the support. Raymond Harre said, ”I do not imagine he would get a lot of good feedback”.  Raymond Harre is the vice chair of the GOP in the eastern part in Iowa’s Scott County.

Furthermore they said ” There are some people who have their support for Trump who think he’s anti-Christ.” Afterwards Harre said Pence “did a great job as being the vice president” and was called the vitriol canalized at him ”kind of wacky.” Motionlessly he said I do not see him conquering the bad.

Now six months after he resign the vice presidency, that is the customary outlook at the grasslands and through the GOP political class. In more detail most of the accounts, both here and more civil but Pence is demised in the primal stages of 2024.

Republican intelligencer who was in charge of the staff to the past Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, reacted plainly when he was asked about Pence. Terry Branstad said ” It is just, where would you put in him. With the Trump supporters, he did not want to follow through so he is DQ’d over there. Then you went to the being in a agreement with them when they have abundance of the choices.


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Written By Sierra Slaton

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