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‘The Emoji Movie’ Receives Poor Reviews and Lots of Laughs

The Emoji Movie

“The Emoji Movie” has its audience laughing throughout the movie. The movie has, so far, been given three stars and four stars for laugh out loud hilarious.

“The Emoji Movie” has scored 54 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is only one-third of the American population. The emoticon that best sums up the score on Rotten Tomatoes is poop. Yet, once in a while, something comes along that is so ill-conceived, there is no other phrase for it: “The Emoji Movie” is just bad.

People are saying that the movie is not what they were hoping for, but others loved it because the movie is from the viewpoint of the emojis, which are often used in daily communication.

The score is perhaps unsurprising, considering the critical world of entertainment has unanimously branded “The Emoji Movie” as dull, foolish, and proof that Hollywood will do anything for money.

Sony’s release of, “The Emoji Movie,” features a heroic female computer hacker, who at one point, dismisses a crisis by saying it was no big deal. The film is exactly what the previews would lead audiences to believe it is: an animated film about emojis.

It tells the story of Gene, voiced by T. J. Miller, who is a “meh” emoji, but is capable of making more expressions than the blasé one he has been assigned. His versatility is considered a malfunction even, to some extent, by Gene himself. This leads the effusive smiling leader of the emojis to lobby for Gene’s deletion from the phone on which he lives. The plot of the movie is Gene trying to save himself from being deleted forever and have his fellow peers understand, they can be either irreplaceable or replaceable.

Miller’s comedy achievements have been growing at such a rate the slumbering giants of Hollywood have seen his potential. “You can kind of feel that I don’t care… that all of this is ridiculous. It can be either fun or you can take yourself too seriously,” Miller told Independent.

The reason Miller chose to be part of “The Emoji Movie” was to make today’s generation laugh at the idea that emojis are capable of improving and expanding to make people more satisfied with the emojis when communicating. The film was mostly for children and young adults to get a laugh about the behaviors of typical emojis, on the phone, when not being put into use.

Written By Kwjuana Owens
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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