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Taliban Gains Control in Afghanistan


Taliban continues to gain control over territory in Afghanistan. Conflict increases as unity in the Middle East seem unlikely. With the Taliban controlling 85 percent of the territory in Afghanistan, military measures must be taken to ensure the safety of its citizens, government, and borders, as reported by CNN on July 9, 2021.

United States troops departed from Afghanistan by orders of President Joe Biden, and the Taliban gained further control of the territory. Biden’s controversial decision caused speculation amongst Americans. Polls show some agree with the decision while some ” Republican voters are more skeptical of the decision to withdraw”, writes Lyse Doucet.

Biden Stands Firm

President Biden is adamant about his decision.  He claims that just one more year of fighting in Afghanistan is not a solution,” adding it would be nothing “but a recipe for fighting there indefinitely.” Although the troops will make a full departure by August 31, the President said that between 650-1,000 troops will be left behind to guard the Kabul airport, U.S. Embassy, and other government installations. Biden denies an inevitable takeover, pointing out there are only 75,000 Taliban troops compared to 300,000 Afghan security forces.


Biden has made strides to get translators, interpreters, and Afghan workers out of the country. He has issued 2,500 immigrant visas allowing them to come to the U.S. but only half have taken the offer for now.

The President will still support Afghanistan and is confident that the country’s politicians and security forces can prevent a potential takeover stating: They have the capacity. They have the forces. They have the equipment. The question is: Will they do it?”

The Long Journal estimates 12.8 million Afghans in Taliban territory as they aim to move west into Herat and Badghis provinces as the terrorist group trots closer to Iran’s borders. “According to the Long War Journal, which tracks territorial control in Afghanistan, 204 districts are now under Taliban control, with 74 under the control of the government and 120 that are still contested.”

Written by Mikal Eggleston

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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