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Supreme Court Falls Through With Federal Executions After 17 years


After nearly two decades, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor to continue with scheduled executions, amid pandemic. As a result of the Trump administration making it clear last year, capital punishment would be making a comeback. Feeling as if they owe the families of the victims to carry out with sentencing. The perpetual debate about the ‘Capital Punishments’ leading to the death penalty, dwindles. As those imposing increases.

Daniel Lewis Lee, the first convict to be executed in 17 years, for the heinous murder of a family of three in Arkansas (1996), which included an 8-year old girl. Their bodies were recovered five months later, they’d be shot to death with plastic bags covering their heads sealed with duct tape. Weighing down their bodies with rocks.

Wesley Ira Purkey, the second man scheduled to be executed for his malicious crimes. Kidnapping, raping and killing a 16-year old girl, and then dismembering and burning her body in 1998, his second victim being an elderly woman, whom he beat to death using a claw hammer.

However, both men pleaded. The families of both men attempted to exercise their rights’ and have the executions exonerated in exchange for life sentences. But, the fact remained the nature of their crimes were far too vicious. By law, the Justice system is expected to carry their imposed sentences.

Further proceedings of executions will continue. Despite the pandemic, correctional institutions have said that safety protocols put into place.

Written by Doneisha Jackson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


Fox News: Supreme Court clears way for second federal execution this week

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