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South Korea Thanks Frontline Workers With Drones



During the Covid-19 pandemic, Frontline workers have been putting their lives on the line to help comfort and try to cure the sick worldwide. South Korea wanted to show appreciation to there frontline workers through a drone show on the Fourth of July. Instead of fireworks, they had 300 drones fill the night sky creating synchronized images of frontline works and mask. They even created images of hands being washed and people social distancing.

Although South Korea worked swiftly to prevent the spread of the virus, they reported 63 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, July 4, 2020. Of those cases, 36 of which are locally transmitted and 27 imported. These numbers are significantly less than the United States. South Korea has 13,244 cases with 11,970 patients released while the United States has over 3.1 million cases.

Investigation teams and doctors have worked hard to pinpoint where the virus may spread. Quarantining cities and local places. Scientists have found mutated versions of the virus, and are working hard to find a better cure. These mutated viruses can spread faster, and cause more harm than normal Coronavirus.

To avoid larger crowds at the drone show they did not advertise it beforehand, surprising the entire city. The drone show brought some frontline workers to tears. They created a beautiful show for all to see and record for the history books.

Written By Trinity Simmons-Brooks


CNN: 300 drones flew above Seoul to thank frontline workers and encourage coronavirus preventative measures

Top and Featured Image courtesy of Steffen Flor Flikr Page – Creative Commons License

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