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Simeon Wolverines a Powerhouse Contending Team

Simeon Wolverines
Courtesy of Pat Quinn (Flickr CC0)

Chicago’s minorities offer more to the community than the projected violence and death-related news related to the public. For as long as minorities were able to actively and openly participate in sports programs the dominating and exhilarating talents that have been constantly been demonstrated from the young to the adult athletes.

One of the many basketball programs that have been forcefully and routinely carried by the young Black men of Chicago has been the prestigious Wolverines over at Simeon High School. The Simeon Wolverines have been a powerhouse contending team over the past years; seeing young Black prospects on to Division colleges and off to professional leagues.

Simeon Wolverines
Courtesy of franchise opportunities (Flickr CC0)

Simeon Wolverines has been the most winning high school in Chicago, with a historic record of 277 collective wins with only 48 losses. As a victorious program, the Simeon Wolverines became the second team in history to win 4 back to back state championships.

Out of the last 9 years forcefully took 5 city championships. The Simeon Wolverines has 5 state titles, 10 regional championships, and 8 sectional titles.

Last season was another routine winning session, as they capped the season off with 24 wins with just 9 losses. They took a strong stance at the ranked #3 team in the conference; with a 7 and 2 record against conference teams.

From an analytical standpoint, Simeon Wolverines have an approximate 73% winning percentage rate. The Wolverines are most definitely one of those teams you have to come at with everything in the kitchen sink, a team that has a hard time scoring and running will be taken advantage of. Simeons players racked up a total of 2,227 points while only allowing 1,902 the entire season.

This season the Simeon Wolverines have every intention of beating every single team that crosses their path, currently standing on a 5 win and no-loss record right out of the gate. Only five games in and just shy of 350 points so far. Currently unblemished in the conference ranked as the #3 team and clearly have a lot more winning to come.

Written by Darryl Robinson
Edited Sheena Robertson


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Pat Quinn’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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