"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Shaypere Williams’s Life as We Know It


Shaypere Williams’s life as we know it is excellent.  She considers herself a miracle child. Williams grew up in the projects in a tall seven-story high-rise building. Surrounding 11 other buildings with lots of trees.

As a child she loved it.  Williams just knew this was the best place in the world to live. She had all her friends down the hall, the playground right downstairs in the back of the building.

The candy store across the street so this was the life for her. She always wanted to work with children since she has been younger.

Williams played school every day in the hallways, and she always wanted to be the teacher. She had it rough too —sometimes — somedays with no money.

They could not buy the things we need until her mom made the money. Being on public assistance, having to go to the store for mom with food stamps. It was not until she was older when Williams decided well she needed to get herself in order and try to make a career.

In 2018, Williams was given a chance to work inside a school her dream — until the 2020 pandemic happened. Then we were all forced to not work.

She was just about to take a test to boost her career path up a bit. She thinks this job is an excellent opportunity for her to find my hidden talent.

She has been through a lot, seen a lot growing up, and has many thoughts going on in her mind.

Written by Shaypere Williams

Edited by Sheena Robertson

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