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‘Shameless’ in Chicago


The cast and crew of the hit TV show “Shameless” are in Chicago filming for Season 8, which is scheduled to be released Nov. 5, 2017, on Showtime.

The “Shameless” cast is set up on Kedzie and Ogden Avenues in the police precinct parking lot. They have their trailers and wardrobes set up, however, according to a security member there, this is not where their filming is done.

Some of the show is shot on West 21st Street and South Homan Avenue in a house that may have been overlooked had it not been for the street being blocked off by large trucks and traffic cones.

The security guards, some of which were taking a smoking break outside of the building, would not allow anyone inside, who was not a member of the cast or crew. Although the main performers had already left for the day, security still stood outside the house while the extras were filmed.

When the members of site security were asked questions about the details of filming for “Shameless,” they were reluctant to reply. Their answers were vague concerning any information that could have led to the whereabouts of the primary stars of “Shameless” or what, exactly, was being filmed.

Information, such as what time they arrived at the building, when they flew into Chicago, and when they would be leaving, was withheld by the security team. They did, however, state that “the cast and crew will be bouncing around Chicago to film different scenes,” but that they could not disclose any further information.

By Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Staff Photographer Devin Jackson 

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