Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension Over Drug Use Is Controversial [Video]


Sha’Carri Richardson tested positive for marijuana usage after her Olympic trial on June 28, 2021. Due to these results, the USTAF gave her a one-month suspension. Controversial debates have sparked with the general question, should she run?

The constant battle on drugs in the United States has been going on for quite some time. Since the 1970s, drugs have been banned in the country. But recently, the development of legalizing marijuana has dramatically increased as dispensaries have become commonplace in the U.S. Mostly, it is to decriminalize it so that many people are not wrongly incarcerated, especially in Black communities.

There is no doubt that drugs are banned, and athletes would have serious consequences when caught using an illegal substance when it comes to sports. But a major debate had sparked recently when Olympic Trials Winner and famous Louisiana State University (LSU) Tiger Richardson tested positive for a high level of the chemical THC, a chemical found in marijuana.

As Olympians face so many conflicts this year, especially Black females, they have no ground to defend themselves. When on a large platform, like the Olympics, reputation is everything. The toxic patriotism of America is most displayed at the Olympics due to its citizens’ narcissistic attitudes about their country.

RichardsonRichardson ingested a marijuana edible before running the Olympic trials. According to an interview on the “Today Show,” she said, “I knew what to do and what not to do,” and then she added, “I’m not looking for anyone’s grace, and I’m taking full responsibility.” The track star did it to cope with her mother’s death after hearing about her mom’s death through an interview.

With Richardson testing positive, the USTAF gave her a 30-day suspension, which was very lenient by the USTAF, in which she is not allowed to race for the U.S. during the 100-meter dash. Some say that she would be allowed to run the 4×100 relay. Recently, the USA Olympic Team removed her completely from the roster. As a result, she will not be competing in the Tokyo Olympics this year.

While some say she does not deserve to run at all, other athletes and celebrities came together to defend Richardson as they say that marijuana is legal in the state she was in, so she should not be penalized. She is deemed one of the most inspirational females in track and field. Some consider her to be the next FloJo. For all she is worth, Richardson is the one to look out for in the future of track and field and the Olympics.

Written by Darryl Johnson Jr.
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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