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Pregnant Woman Face a Kaleidoscope of Emotions


Many women have ideas of what it is like to be pregnant. Anything from hearts and cheeks glowing to feeling complete and always happy. Now, this can absolutely be true for some. However, it is completely natural to face a kaleidoscope of emotions.

By kaleidoscope of emotions, one means having a whole bunch of emotions at one time. This is completely frustrating to anyone. Even more so for those who are pregnant.

Feelings a Pregnant Woman May Feel

A pregnant woman could feel irritated, sad, happy, and bubbly all at one time. Speaking from personal experience — currently 27 weeks and two days pregnant — this is extremely irritating. Like it is already hard to keep one’s focus — pregnancy brain is a real thing — it is even harder when confusing and conflicting emotions hit.

These ever-changing mood swings can affect one’s life and relationships. Sometimes it is difficult for others to understand why the momma to be is so irrational. However, do know that this happens to most pregnant women.

PregnantLicensed psychologist, Deborah Issokson, — a specialist in perinatal mental health — says “Motherhood is such a permanent transformation. I don’t know any life event so permanent and transforming that wouldn’t come with some anxiety, worry, regret, ambivalence or wondering. It’s the nature of the beast, the enormity of the journey you’re on.”

Sometimes these emotions are affected by the simplest things. For instance, the ever-changing body can cause women to feel upset. Feeling insecure in one’s body is a natural thing for all people. Now add the fact that the body is becoming rounder — fuller, some soon-to-be mommas may even say fatter — can make the pregnant momma even more insecure.

This can cause new emotions to rise. Again, this happens to a lot of pregnant mommas so do not feel horrible.

Another aggravating feeling that arises during pregnancy is anxiety. Now, this can be for many different reasons. One could be due to prenatal testings that pregnant women have to decide whether or not to do. Then there is the glucose testing and other blood tests that have to be done. Waiting for these results can cause extreme anxiety for some pregnant women.

Other Things That May Affect a Pregnant Women’s Feelings

Of course, there are illnesses — like COVID-19 — and possible complications that can happen during the birthing process. These can cause many pregnant women to feel an array of emotions.

However, not all emotions are negative. Pregnancy can cause women to experience an increase in sexual desire and libido. As one nears the time to deliver their newborn baby a momma will begin to feel a brand new emotion. This is referred to as “nesting.” This is when the momma gets the urge to set everything up for their child to come home.

This includes massive cleaning — almost like an overdrive of spring cleaning. They may even rearrange rooms and items in their homes. Just to turn around and change it all over again. This happens to practically every soon-to-be mom.

Knowing that these emotions are normal can help a lot of pregnant women. Feeling like they are not alone is always helpful.

Ways A Pregnant Women May Feel Better

Meditating or doing a calming activity can help one realign their emotions back to normal. Of course, there is always taking a nap. This gives the body a much-needed break. Plus rest helps give the body energy to help grow the little one developing.

Sleeping can also adjust hormone levels and give one a break from their thought process. Simple exercises can also assist in changing one’s emotions. Plus it has been said keeping active and going for walks helps the birthing process. It keeps the ligaments and muscles in shape for the time to push out the baby.

If one feels overly angry during their pregnancy it is advisable to seek out medical advice. Counseling or psychologists can help one understand what they are feeling. They can also help one figure out ways to alter their thinking. Another great idea is joining a group. There are plenty of those around.

Also one can always speak to their providers about what they are feeling. They may be able to direct a pregnant mom to activities that could alter their feelings.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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