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Population of North Lawndale’s

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North Landale’s population has been decreasing. “From 2010 to 2020, North Lawndale’s total population decreased by 979 residents, from 44,434 to 43,455 residents,” according to the Lawndale Area Service Databook.

This decrease involves a big amount of taxes to increase the “tax base which drains a community of its economic base, decreased opportunities for business and thus business flight, and decreased allocation of public resources, such as public-school funding, due to per capita budgeting models. As highlighted below, North Lawndale has experienced all those issues.”

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Taxes have increased because people are not suited for the new jobs that were just made “In 2018, 21.2 percent of jobs in the community required a bachelor’s or advanced degree” but believe it or not only “12.7 percent of working residents had a bachelor’s degree or higher.” Which meant that 20.1 percent of North Lawndale residents were suited for jobs. “The second largest employing sector in North Lawndale was in the Educational Services industry, in which only 2.4 percent of North Lawndale’s residents worked.”

In the past decade, the white (non-Hispanic) and Hispanic or Latino population has increased in North Lawndale, especially among Latinos, but it has not been enough to offset the Black population loss that dates back to 1980. This long-term trend of Black population loss affects the quality of life in North Lawndale as indicated by the long-term trend of increased vacant lots and business flights.

There was also a drug problem happening in North Lawndale in 2017 there was a big drug rate which involved “62.8 deaths per 100,000 residents and also had a drug-overdose deaths percentage of 60.8 out of 100,000 residents” Which was a big loss for a lot of people and the police because with deaths happening they didn’t know how or who was giving drugs out, which made family members or people, in particular, be scared of that happening to their family members.

Written by Rosie Nieto

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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