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Pink Sauce Controversy Unfolds

Pink Sauce
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Recently, a new product has come on to the scene of the food industry. However, this new product has left some controversy in the media. The whole internet has been up in arms surrounding the topic of the Parma Rosa sauce. Commonly known as, the Pink Sauce made by a content creator who goes by the name, Chef Pii.

Who Is Chef Pii?

The hot topic originated from one of the most popular social media apps, TikTok. The maker of the Pink Sauce is generally known as Chef Pii. Her real name, however, is Veronica Shaw. She is a 29-year-old private chef from Miami, Florida. Shaw is a TikToker who uses her fame to make videos promoting her product. She gained millions of views, causing her small business to take off in this past year alone. As Shaw gained publicity, she then began to sell the pink sauce on TikTok. Resulting in numerous customers purchasing her product.

Chef Pii once explained in a Youtube video that she has been in the chef business for about four years. She also exclaimed that despite all the uproar and outrage about her new food product, she would not let the controversy get her down.

Chef Pii stated that she began selling the sauce in late June, after serving it to clients and other people for more than a year at her takeout restaurant, Flavor Crazy — located in Miami Florida. She drizzled the sauce on dishes such as wings, sandwiches, fries, etc., and then seal it for customers.

Pink Sauce
Courtesy of Harlan Harris (Flickr CC0)

What Is The Pink Sauce?

It is a condiment mainly used to add flavor to foods like chicken, burgers, fries, etc. The ingredients of the sauce contain chili, garlic, sunflower seed oil, water, raw honey, distilled vinegar, dragon fruit, or pitaya, pink Himalayan sea salt, and less than 2% of dried spices, milk, lemon juice, and citric acid

What Do People Think of the Sauce?

There have been many mixed reviews on whether the pink sauce tastes good or not. People who have tried the pink sauce say it tastes similar to ranch dressing, but pink. “It literally tastes like a sweet ranch,” said one TikTok user who goes by the handle @chrissamone.

The Downfall of the Sauce

It quickly became a trend on TikTok to film a video trying the Pink Sauce with food and letting the viewer know their opinion on how it tastes. The trend was harmless at first but then, in many instances, it spiraled out of control. One TikTok user tricked people into believing that the Pink Sauce that he consumed was responsible for his death. He is still alive and came out with an apology video to apologize to not only his audience that he deceived` but to Chef Pii as well for ruining her reputation.

In addition, customers have had lots of questions and concerns about the Pink Sauce. Several people have pointed out purported inconsistencies with the sauce’s nutritional label. For example, according to the bottle’s label on the website, it contains 444 servings of pink sauce. It also contains milk, leaving critics concerned with how well pink sauce will ship, especially in warmer weather.

What Now?

Chef Pii has recently apologized for the issues of the launch of pink sauce, including the confusion with the nutritional label. Chef Pii said the grams were mixed up with serving size, and there are actually 30 servings of pink sauce per bottle. “This is a small business that is just moving really, really fast,” Chef Pii said. She claimed that her Pink Sauce is legal, safe, and manufactured in a facility certified by the FDA in an interview with the Washington Post. As for all the online criticism, Chef Pii told NBC News she fully expects to bounce back.

Written by Olivia Nwigwe
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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