Nelson Mandela Deserves Dignity in Life and Death

Nelson Mandela Deserves Dignity in Life and Death

At 94 years old, Nelson Mandela, distinguished humanitarian of South Africa died in 2013. He left behind a legacy of only giving god-like devotion to his peace missions, not just his family but also people who are still touched by his message.

Mandela is renowned for fighting for freedom and justice, so much so that he spent 27 years in prison defending his cause. His ambition sparked headlines around the world since the 1960s. He’s received many awards and honors— one of which, the Nobel Peace Prize.

With a person with such stature as Mandela, one would think he would have proper news coverage in regards to his death. So why did he not?

Nelson Mandela

It is unfortunate that such a private man — known for shunning and avoiding press — would have his share of headlines in his final days. However, regardless of how touchy his passing was for his supporters, being influential usually comes with attention.

In June nearly every major news platform announced his death before it had been officially confirmed. That is one heck of a blemish on his otherwise perfect image. Whether anyone is at fault or not, it had to be a roller-coaster of emotion.

If his debunked news mishap was not disappointing enough, Mandela’s greed-filled offspring scrambling about — trying to seize ownership of his estate — turned it into a debacle. According to a few sources, South Africa has become a place full of corruption:

South Africa, many citizens claim, is a nation descending ever further into the worship of the almighty dollar, the deep and abiding love of greasy palms, and the unquenchable desire for more. In short, South Africa is a nation of unadulterated greed.

His estate was the subject of many court battles as family members attempted to grasp control. It seems the public fight for control could have waited until his death.

Asking the question of why a person would have to die twice publicly is as exhausting as asking for a bun with your hotdog. Apparently, the family and others maintained the charade that Mandala was still alive when the breaking news first debuted.

However, Mandela had been declared brain dead according to Guardian Liberty Voice. A reporter acquired an actual audio recording of two government officials. It took almost six months for his death to be officially announced — December 5.

Assumably, the point of the charade was to protect the world from the information that the family was not fully ready to accept. If there were ever a circumstance worth being handled with the utmost respect and professionality, it would be the death of Mandela. That being said, do not blame the media for doing exactly what their profession expects of them. His message, fortunately, will not be overshadowed by this state of affairs, but it definitely is a stain on the glass. Hopefully, this would be a lesson for all.

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Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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