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Natural Ways to Cure Headaches


Headaches are an extremely common pain and most people suffer from them from time to time. There are natural ways to help alleviate this pain without having to use painkillers. This article will lay out a few natural remedies that may help the pain caused by headaches.

Often times a headache is caused due to a person being dehydrated. Making sure one drinks plenty of water and clear fluids will help keep the body hydrated.

Dehydration can also alter the way a person acts, thinks, and feels. Eating fruits, soups, or smoothies can also increase one’s hydration levels. Not to mention can be a tasty way to hydrate the body.

People have also noted that using a cold compress can be a handy way to stop a headache. Applying a cold pack — or another cold item like frozen peas — to the back of the head or neck can help constrict the blood vessels. It also helps decrease any inflammation in the area.

HeadacheStudies suggest applying a cold compress for at least 30 minutes can significantly reduce one’s pain. Especially people who suffer from migraines. For severe migraines, it has been suggested to submerge one’s hands into warm water as a cold compress is applied to the back of the neck.

Tension headaches can be helped by a warm compress. This will help relax the tensed up muscles and can bring relief. A warm compress can be something as simple as a heated towel. Taking a tepid shower or bath can give people the same effect.

Sometimes there is a physical reason for a headache. Anything that can place pressure onto the head can cause one. For example, having a tight ponytail or bun, headband, or even a hat can cause a person to have a headache.

Sometimes lights can cause people to have one. Turning down bright lights or the brightness on the phone can help alleviate the symptoms. Resting in a dimly lit or dark room can help people recover faster from the pain.

Herbal tea can be one way to add water to one’s diet. It can also be a beneficial way to add natural compounds to help stave off a migraine. For instance, ginger tea has been said to help with a migraine. Other potential teas that can help with migraine are chamomile, lavender, and peppermint.

These are just a few remedies that may help ease the pain that people feel from headaches.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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