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Michael Jordan Turns 60!!

Michael Jordan
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Who is Michael Jordan?

Everyone who knows anything about basketball knows who Michael Jordan is. It doesn’t matter if it is because of his appearance, shoes, or impact on the court; everyone knows about Mike. People also tend to forget that Michael Jordan played multiple professional sports in his career, being one of the only ones to do so. After a championship run in 1993, Jordan decided to retire for the first time. Michael’s father, James Jordan, passed during his championship run, profoundly affecting him. One of his father’s wishes was for him to play baseball after his retirement, which he pursued in his honor.

Michael Jordan
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In 1994, Jordan joined the Chicago White Sox AA minor team, the Birmingham Barons. He played outfield and had a mediocre season with low batting averages. He led the league with outfield errors but managed to get over 30 steals in only one season. After his first season, Jordan received an offer from the Oakland A’s to land him a spot and move him up to the major league. Michael wanted to go to the majors with being an apprentice in the minors, which is why he declined the offer. Michael Jordan ended his career after only a year, deciding to make his return to the NBA.

Jordan’s Career after Baseball

His return to the Bulls led to the same result. Not even two years later, he got back to the NBA Finals and completed another 3-peat. Not only did he have six rings on his belt, but he was also undefeated on the biggest stage. Throughout his career, Michael Jordan gained countless accolades, certifying him as one of the greatest players ever touching a basketball. To list some, Jordan was a 5-time MVP, 6-time Finals MVP (most ever), Defensive Player of the Year, and received ten first-team NBA selections and 9 Defensive first-team selections in a total of only 15 seasons.

Michael Jordan is arguably the most recognizable player in NBA history, and it is because of his lasting impact on the game with the dominance and passion he maintained during his career. The NBA continues to live behind his shadow and evolve, creating many great players inspired by his story.

Written by: Willie Hurt


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