Leon Murray Rebirth of a Man

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Leon Murray Rebirth of a Man

Leon Murray was born in Manning, South Carolina. Raised in a single-parent home by his mother with his three sisters.

Born with Erbs Palsy, a muscular nerve disorder, his life proved to be challenging.

As a young boy, Murray worked hard. He had little choice if he wished to survive in the south. He worked doing many different jobs from fieldwork picking cucumbers, bagging groceries, mowing lawns, and building houses.

Although life seemed to have determined Murray’s destiny, he was determined to be more, do more and, better himself.  He focused on educating himself, in media, photography, and writing. Leon also became a master communicator.

Life took a near-fatal twist when Leon was involved in a car accident. After recovering from the accident, Leon decided it was time for a major change in his life. He determined that he would restart his own businesses; A1 Mastercraftmen was the first.

Murray has not looked back since then. Now he is pursuing his childhood dreams of working in entertainment; film, photography, and writing. Through hard work, Leon has overcome many physical, social, and demographic challenges.

His challenges and experiences have given him a unique perspective on life. It is this unique perspective and his never quit attitude that Murray now brings to the world and everything he does. He is here to share his knowledge and experience while constantly seeking knowledge and answers to questions we all need to ask.  Leon is always searching for the truth of things.

Murrey’s journey although long in many ways is only just beginning, and he invites everyone to join him as he takes his own unpredictable path to the truth of things as he sees it.





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