"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Leaders Need Honesty and Humility to Succeed

Courtesy David Spinks (Flicker CC0)

Regardless of whether or not this person is good or bad, a leader knows how to demand attention first and foremost. It is essential to have a degree of influence. Sometimes that can be attained by wealth. This person needs to be seen or noticed by their peers even to have the potential to lead.

But ultimately, they need strong charisma and can convey a vision for the future. Although not always coherent, this person can still take an idea and command a group of individuals into a collectivized manner to achieve those goals.

Of course, a good leader will have the proper knowledge and factual basis — the degree of honesty and open communication to recognize one’s fallibility plays a role in moving things forward.

Written by Skye Leon
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of David Spinks – Creative Commons License

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