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Laguna Beach’s Floating “Seascape” Viewing Is Postponed


The Laguna Art Museum’s previous plans to display “Seascape,” their new art piece, at Laguna Beach for the Art and Nature weekend festival has been marked for postponement.

Influenced by incoming calls from agencies such as California Ocean Protection Council, California’s Fish and Game Commission, and State Lands Commission who have expressed environmental concerns. The California Coastal Commission thought it would suffice if the museum canceled the installation of the art piece as directed, until the problems can be talked upon.

“Seascape” was claimed to just have been a temporary installation and would not have remained in the ocean for very long. The art was originally supposed to be hauled from a Newport Beach boatyard and lifted into an upright position by the assistance of a crane. It would have then been attached onto a buoy, anchored to the ocean floor by chains, approximately 200 yards offshore, by Nov. 16, 2017.

But the art museum’s executive director expressed his belief that they will soon get past the ordeal in writing,

As you might imagine, we were in unfamiliar regulatory territory with this particular piece, and have proceeded in the belief that with enthusiastic support from the City and the approvals we secured from the Coastal Commission, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the US Coast Guard, we could safely go ahead.

Along with a statement from the Laguna Art Museum’s official website confirming that they will continue to work with the Coastal Commission and relevant agencies in Sacramento, in hopes of a future opportunity to display “Seascape.”

Although the Seascape has been temporarily postponed, other related programs taking place during Art and Nature weekend will continue to open as scheduled.

The Laguna Art Museum webpage includes additional information on the subject, such as the artist Pablo Vargas Lugo, and those who engineered this artwork.

Laguna Beach has displayed art structures before, including American artist, Phillip K. Smith’s, “Quarter Mile Mirror Poles.” Almost 250 mirror poles, reflecting the ocean and the changing colors with the day and night sky, was spread across the beach. This art work was also thought to be potentially harmful to the local wildlife, such as birds. But it was only for a few days before being safely removed from the beach’s shores.

Written by Brielle R. Buford
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Ken Lund’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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