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John Catanzara Wrongful FOP President and Potential Mayor

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John Catanzara is a police officer that is known in Chicago for malpractice of lawful police procedure. The fact that his track record of on-duty offenses speaks volumes on his immaturity, and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) collectively appointed him as president of their organization. He retired from the police department before they could fire him, allowing him to remain the FOP President.

Based on his behavior, allowing him to stay president shows the public what kind of business is being put on the FOP agenda and who best fits the profile of those implementing the agenda.

He is known for using excessive force and making false reports. He unjustly breaks laws when not practicing lawful arrest procedures and enforces them on the very people he swore an oath to protect justly. The people deserve more honest and respectful officers and fewer who are disobedient, hateful. Moreover, they demand officers who do not use public platforms to degrade people’s political views, religions, and sexual preferences.

Catanzara created inappropriate posts all over social media, including threats and other harmful statements. He is known for taking extremely controversial stances on very sensitive issues. His language is clearly hate-driven when referring to other people’s religions and sexual orientations.

He goes against the rules and regulations and has been seen in uniform and on duty sharing his political views. Catanzara also acts impulsively in his role as the president and a member of the FOP. These violations are more than enough to strip him of his presidency.

Courtesy of Chad Davis (Flickr CC0)

Ex-Police Officer Catanzara claims that the people responsible for storming the U.S. Capitol were nonviolent. At one point, he referred to the attack as an inconvenience. As someone who believes the presidential election was sabotaged, Catanzara contends that the protesters’ actions were justified and would never say they were treasonous.

People decided to protest, and when storming the capitol, potentially innocent people were killed. He then wrongfully compares the storming of the capitol to the rioting of black lives matters protestors in democratic ran cities against police brutality. As if innocent people are being stripped of their right to due process and being murdered in the streets by sworn officers is the same as angry voters and using an unproven excuse to storm the capitol and show frustration for who they think should sit in the office.

Catanzara is one of the worst officers within the Chicago Police Department to be exposed. He blatantly shows that he has no regard for the judicial system when he says over social media that people should be killed and refers to them using obscenities.

Instead of allowing the investigation on whether or not the allegations against him are valid to continue, Catanzara decides to immediately retire to keep his “good standings” and avoid termination.

This move was made by someone who strategically avoids accountability, breaks laws, and blatantly disregards authority, just like the people he swore to protect the honest, respectful, and hard-working from. Yet, this same individual says he will be running for Mayor of Chicago.

Opinion News by Darryl Robinson
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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