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Ivana Trumps Funeral Alongside a Golden Send Off

Ivana Trump
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On a summer afternoon of July 20, 2022, Ivana Trump’s funeral took place in New York’s Upper East Side Catholic church and proceeded to the Trump-owned golf course where she was buried. And like in life, her namesake is even now tied to the presence of her ex-husband’s publicity.

At the time of Ivana’s death, she was 73 years old dying from an unfortunate stairway accident in her Upper East side home.

The rare public gathering brought about in the wake of Ivana’s death was front lined by the attendance of former President Donald Trump, alongside his current wife Melania, and his three children: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. All of which her children gave heartfelt Eulogys in their mother’s absence.

In Eric’s speech about the caring brutality of having Ivana as a mother, she declared her a woman who “ruled with an ironed fist and a heart of gold.”

Her parenting accompanied the majority of her children’s memories. As an adult, Donald Jr. recalled a phone call with his mother in times of rampant public hate towards the former president’s family as she was the first person to call and in the most “emasculating” way to offer him a place to stay with her. In his words her form of being both the sweetest yet emasculating woman in the room, “she could do that with the best of them, and usually, it was on purpose.”

It seemed that all her children had some story to share about her stern hand in raising children despite having a full-time career. The young Trump Jr. shared how he tried his late mother’s patience one too many times at a well-known seafood restaurant. Which his mother resolved with, in his retelling of her expression, “[an] Eastern European discipline was really all about.”

Ivana Trump
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An emotional Ivanka also told how eye-opening it was to have her as a mother, “Growing up, my mother didn’t tell me a woman could do anything she wanted” she recalled. “she showed me.” Described by many as “fearless and independent,” Ivana Trump.

In terms of her family life, she was the main contender in the upbringing of her children. Ivana, despite owning a business full time and incorporating the use of several nannies in the children’s upbringing Ivana was still the largest figure in their life as their father, Donald Trump gained more publicity. And even up to their divorce in 1992, she still kept a close appearance with her ex-husband, going as far as being a full-throated supporter when Trump ran his first presidential campaign.

And it seems even at her funeral Ivana is still supporting her ex-husband, as her burial is the first to take place on the golf course of Trump National Golf Club might cause a major tax for his business.

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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