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Instagram Launches New Feature Called Remix Reel


Instagram rolled out a new feature called Remix Reels. On March 31, 2021, Instagram announced its video app — similar to Duets — which mimics TikTok in several ways. Instagrammers can now use the “remix” a reel tool to upload a video next to another person’s video.

Many TikTok users have already been using this popular feature — especially for dance challenges. To use the Reels Remix all one has to do is click on the three-dot menu on the reel button. Then they need to select “remix this Reel.”

InstagramAfter that, they can record or upload pre-recorded footage. People can also control the volume for any original or recorded audio. Users are also able to add voiceover or use various other editing functions. This new feature will be available on all the new reels loaded.

A person can make their older videos capable of reel remixing by manually selecting “Enable Remixing.” People are also able to turn the remix option off for all their reels. This can be done in their broader profile setting.

Instagram launched its Reels section in August of 2020. At first, the social media platform seemed open to people reusing their videos from TikTok. Since then they have added additional TikTok-like features as they deemphasized any content that has been recycled.

The social media platform is showing that they are serious about competing with TikTok. Instagram even went as far as to add the Reels button to its home screen. They have even ensured the videos made the cut for its global Lite app.

This new feature for Instagram has had various reviews on social media. Some feel they are just ripping off TikTok with all their new features.

Written by Sheena Robertson


The Verge: Instagram launches its own TikTok Duet feature called Reels Remix; by Ashley Carman

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Tati Tata’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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