"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Imagine My Potential Future


When I arrive back in Vegas after my month-long trip here in Chicago, I will immediately continue to practice my driving skills and study to get my driver’s license.

When I get my license, I will immediately go to the dealership to buy my first car with the money I had saved up — from the job I am currently working at. This would be an important moment for me since I had always wanted to own my first car ever since I started to get into cars.

When I finish my High school year and graduate, I plan on throwing a celebration party at my home. I plan on inviting all of my friends from school to come to the party. Especially, since it will most likely be the last time I will have a party with them — I plan on moving to another state shortly afterward.

As soon as I was asked to attend the California Institute of the Arts University, located in Santa Clarita. I moved all of my stuff into the house I had mentioned earlier, saying my farewells to all of my family members. All of them wishing me luck on my path to success.

The reason why I want to attend Cal Arts is that my dream job is to become either an animator or a director. I have a love for film, and I am into animation in general.

After four very interesting years of attending the University, I would have finally graduated; getting my diploma. I will think about which countries I had always wanted to live in. I had do not intention of living in the U.S. for my entire life.

I hope to eventually get the opportunity to work at an animation studio in Japan called “Studio Trigger.” This will make my entire world happy. I have always wanted to work for any animation studio, especially the ones in Japan. I immediately accept the offer,  pack everything I could, and moved into my new house.

Afterward, I would live in Japan for the rest of my entire life — with my job being an animator for an animation studio. I will be making a decent amount of money to support myself and continue to improve on my art skills.

This is what I hope to accomplish in the next ten years of my life.

Written by Ramses Sanchez Cantu

Edited by Sheena Robertson

Top Image Courtesy of kirkkohler’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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