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How to Build Social Media Followers

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Potential customers are typically active on social media platforms. In order for one’s business, and especially an online business to succeed, an active presence on social media platforms is crucial. It is essential to keep the business at the forefront of people’s minds. In order to increase sales, it is best to meet prospects where they are at.

Social media can bring great value by extending a business’ reach and influence. Once a business has reached their audience and they are engaged and willing to click on links, share products, and actually pull the money out of their pockets and pay, then building a social media following shows itself to be an immensely powerful asset.

There are three primary ways to build one’s social media following. One is by going the standard route of building everything organically through content and sharing, as well as being active and engaged which is also free. Businesses can purchase a social media account and instantaneously have access to a large audience. The third option is using advertisements to get likes and followers. Yes, it costs money, but a business can reach their exact audience and quickly build a following by using ads.

If a business wanted to start their social media following off from scratch then they would want to start off by seeing what strategies are working well for successful influencers and see if they can implement something similar. It is also a good idea to comment on influencers pages, and share links or content when it is appropriate on those pages.

It is important to be as active and engaged as possible. Post multiple times per day with the content that the audience will enjoy. Not only does a business want to put up content, but also make sure to respond to comments and engage with their audience. A business’ energy needs to align with the content and message that they are trying to share. Once the audience feels a deeper connection they are inclined to participate and engage.

Pick the platform(s) that work best for the business and the brand (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Do the research, and pick the ones where the target audience is present. Put energy into growing and maintaining relevant platforms to avoid seeming like someone who is not committed to their business.

Next, businesses want to craft their profile so that it is authentic. A business’ biography should be completed using short and long business description, and all contact information should be filled out. Make sure to add a contact button on whatever social platform(s) is chosen.

Good branding, which is having to choose a profile and cover image that is consistent with the brand, is also important. Either a logo or a professional image of the business owner is appropriate. Low-quality images are not acceptable because when people visit the business page, it is important they know there is something worth their time on that page.

It is important that businesses share with their audience. Put as much focus on the audience as the business itself. Follow and engage with the most active followers; message people and also respond to comments.

Some other incentives for starting the social media following from scratch, is being able to offer goods to the audience such as discount vouchers. This will extend the business’ reach out to a new potential audience.

Do not forget to respond to engagement. The social platform group should be a welcoming environment where people come to hang out, express their opinions, and feel included. Engagement is a two-way street.

The final thing for creating a new social presence from scratch is using analytics. Use the analytics to see the number of reactions, shares, likes, and comments on each post. It shows the days of the week and the time of day that the users are most active. Also, it shows how many clicks a link in a post has received. Basically, the analytics shows the demographics of the audience: age, sex, location, and even interest.

Another way to start a social media following if a business does not want to go through the long process of starting from scratch, is to purchase a social media account that already has followers that are engaged. Once payment has been made and the account taken over, the first thing a business needs to do is tell their story.

The business’ brand bio should be a unique story that sells the brand, and the social media content should be a visual reflection of that story. When a business cultivates a deeper sense of its identity and purpose, they can express it freely and authentically.

Make sure the content being shared is balanced. If the business is selling a brand or a product, there should be a balance of different things. It is important to use social media platforms as effectively as possible. There are specific days of the week and times of the day that a business should be posting in order to get the most exposure. This posting varies from each platform, and can take a while to perfect.

Businesses should pay attention when a post is getting engagement, and then try to create similar content. Ultimately followers do not want to be sold to, so it is important to give those followers more of what they like.

Each post should resonate with the audience, if not then it should not be posted. The business’ energy, beliefs, and vibrations should come across in the content that they are sharing. Remember it is always quality over quantity.

The final primary way to build a social following is through advertising, direct sponsorship, and ownership in brands that are being promoted. Building the right following of raving fans can lead to massive sales. Anything posted should be motivational thoughts and images that are relevant to the audience.

Running ad campaigns to generate on these platforms are good because once someone clicks “like” they will become a fan or a follower. Facebook (and many other platforms) will put liked campaigns (ads) in the news feed of the target audience.

Target the right audience and think about the demographics and interests that the business wants to target. Posting the wrong content, at the wrong time, for the wrong audience, will bring the business to a roadblock.

The business also needs to come up with a headline for the ad. Think about the one phrase that would resonate with the audience. The ad image has to both resonate with the audience but also stand out on the platform.

Businesses can build up an ad campaign on these platforms in order to build a social presence, but these ads do cost money to run.

Lastly, the business needs to show their audience that they care for them. Show the audience that the business generally cares about personal growth. Businesses want their audience to have a mindset that fosters long-term, sustainable growth through all parts of life.  Authenticity is the source of connection, and without a connection, a business will not have much.

Test these ways to build a social media following and see which one best fits the business.

Written by Darien Jones

Image Credit – Erik_Lucatero via Pixabay – Creative Commons

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