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Haiti President Is Assassinated


Haitian President Jovenel Moise died abruptly on Wednesday, July 7, 2021. As the search for the assassin continues, many suspect a planned killing, with  Bocchit Edmond, a Haitian ambassador claiming the attack on the 53-year-old Moise “was carried out by foreign mercenaries and professional killers — well-orchestrated,” striking huge levels of concern domestically and internationally.

Haiti’s no stranger to hardship, ranging from poverty, high crime rate, and accessibility to a COVID-19 vaccine. Losing its leader just adds more fuel to the fire. The country is now to be led by Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who now sees himself filling the shoes of his mentor Moise. Joseph feels a heavy burden on his shoulders. With the prime minister position only being temporary he is now tasked with filling the shoes of the late President Jovenel Moise.

HaitiJoseph is now the leader but, he will have to meet with opposing parties to hold elections, as Haiti is still a democracy. Failure in doing so would result in conflict amongst leaders and officials.

Tensions Rise in Haiti

Tensions spike amidst the death of Moise. Haiti officials have declared a “state of siege” and halted all international travel. The country has asked the U.S. government to aid in investigations for Moise’s murder. Because of these recent events, the Dominican Republic has closed its borders as fears of the assassins fleeing to their borders stir. Along with the U.S. embassy closed and outrage amongst citizens.

With this abrupt tragedy, Haiti must vote for a new leader.  Claude Joseph will take the mantle temporarily as they aim to begin to recover its political climate. First, with establishing an authoritative hierarchy then, beginning the hunt for Moises murderers.

Written by Mikal Eggleston
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


The Mercury News: Haiti in upheaval: President Moïse assassinated at home; by Evens Sanon and Danica Coto

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