"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Gloria Mcalpin’s Biography

Gloria Mcalpin is a junior at Westinghouse College Prep, and she attended The News School because some of her family members referred her to the program. This program caught her attention because she had an interest in being a journalist or a news reporter.

Gloria got a call from her aunt to go up to the place where they do the placements for work. When she got there she filled out papers and was eventually accepted to participate in The News School.

There are many things that Gloria Mcalpin can get out of The News School. Since she is a junior this year, a very important test is coming up which is the ACT. This program can be very helpful because by the end of this program it will allow her reading and writing skills to be better than they were at the beginning of the program. By reading articles and paraphrasing, this should help her with her comprehension skills so she is able to do her best on the reading and writing section of the ACT.

This program will also get Gloria Mcalpin used to how it will feel when she gets older and has to work in an office or anything that has to do with technology. Before this program, Gloria was not good with technology and did not know what she was doing when it comes to typing articles, so by the end of this program it is her goal to be more informed and gain new information that can possibly be helpful in her future.

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