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Executive Producer John Wells Describes the Series ‘Shameless’ and Chicago

The series finale of “Shameless” is set to air on Sunday evening. Season 11 of “Shameless” will begin on Dec. 6, 2020, at 9 p.m. EST. Season 11 Episode 1 is called “This is Chicago! ” It was written by executive producer John Wells.  Oddly enough the episode was not filmed in Chicago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

About ‘Shameless’

WellsFan’s have been following a dysfunctional and poor family trying to survive in the southside of Chicago. The Gallagher family goes through many hardships throughout the series. From the alcoholic addict for a father to their unmedicated bipolar mother who abandons the family.

Warner Bros. filmed the majority of the show in their back lot. For the past decade, the cast has braved Chicago’s elements to film shooting exterior scenes. This helped the show look more realistic and believable. Many people can relate to the various issues raised in each episode.

Netflix picked up the show in 2016. Since then the series fandom has grown. People would gather outside of the West Side house that fans know as Galagher home. Fans eager seek cast members such as Emma Harris (Debbie), Noel Fisher (Mickey Milkovich), and William H. Macy (Frank) with photo opt hopes.

Executive Producer John Wells’ Views About Chicago

Wells is considered a veteran for all of the filmings he has done in Chicago. He previously worked as an executive producer on NBC’s hit drama “ER.”

WellsHe recently spoke with the Chicago Tribune about his time with the show “Shameless.” During which time he spoke of the show’s original filming plans before COVID-19 shut them down.

Wells stated they were only three days away from beginning filming when Chicago shut down back in March. Due to that, they had to change all their plans. Instead of their normal two trips to the city— comprised of one to two weeks — they had to digitize the majority of their backgrounds.

They are currently close to being finished with their production. For the past 10 weeks, the crew has been working hard to finalize filming. He further stated that they are all disappointed they were not able to film in Chicago one last time.

The “Shameless” cast and crew greatly appreciate and love their many fans. It is one of the significant reasons they feel cheated by the damper COVID-19 has produced. Wells also mentioned they all wanted to see their neighborhood, friends they made, and the friendly neighborhoods that tolerated their filming.

According to Wells, Chicagoans opened their arms and assisted them with their production. He could not remember a time where anyone turned them down when they asked to film somewhere.

Wells’s Fond Memories While filming in Chicago

He reminisced about the 15 years he spent filming “ER” there. Even mentioned a conversation he had with “someone last week.”

Chicago is a great city… I love the place. It’s a great city…

Wells further commented that he believes that he has made “over 100 trips to shoot in Chicago.” However, Wells did state the months of January and February were a bit cold for him.

At this time Wells has not had any plans for a spinoff of “Shameless.” There are no plans for a movie either.  However, Wells seemed intrigued by the thought.

He had nothing but kind words to say about the fans who came to watch them filmed.

A lot of times it’s pretty chilly in Chicago and then to see people come out and brave that is a wonderful feeling. So, thank you.

Wells is looking forward to his next project in Chicago.

There are beautiful places to be and fantastic restaurants that I get to go to when I’m there.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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