"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Dreams Not Yet Abandoned

When it comes to the opportunities in this world, it is common to think that they are endless. That is never the issue. It is having the know-how to implement such ideas. That is my problem currently — too many dreams but not enough application. I want to make movies but I do not know how to tell a story. I want to create online applications and software but I lack the proficiency in programming languages to do so. I used to be pessimistic about my future outlook because of these things, but I realized I still have time to develop myself. However, I have to act fast if I want to keep my dreams not yet abandoned. That is what I plan to do this summer and over the next 10 years.

At the beginning of the summer in 2021, I promised myself to adhere to a simple list of objectives to execute my dreams:

  • Start investing.
  • Learn to code.
  • Read ahead on my upcoming college courses.
  • Then venture into music production if I had time.

Over the next 10 years, I plan to cultivate numerous investment opportunities for the sole purpose of having the necessary funds to start my own business without up-front help from anyone. This makes sure that I do not have to give up equity unnecessarily in the beginning when the investor does not add anything more than money to my vision. The ventures I am eyeing include index funds, cryptocurrency, Initial public offering (IPO) and eventually investing in promising young startups and businesses at various stages of their lifetime.

dreamsThe next thing is putting forth effort towards my future computer science career. I plan to go to numerous job and career fairs at my school and elsewhere to narrow down what technology job I am interested in. I am currently looking at a computer programming career, which will require me to have mastered several programming languages before even starting. These include Python, Java, and C++. I took intro classes to the former two and I am taking a course this fall for C++.

However, I still need to practice making programs with them. For right now, all I know is the basic syntax and operations. My plan for accomplishing this is to join different coding registered student organizations or college clubs that get together and code applications. They can help teach me different languages and I can get the experience I need to feel confident about coding bigger projects.

My dreams and passions reach beyond technology into the arts as well. I love film and have several ideas for my own films. It also ties into my love for music. I have had several instances where an entire movie idea came from listening to one song. I also want to get into music production because I want to have as much control over the entire film production as possible.

I do not want to be held back by any copyright or not getting the right song because of permission issues. My problem is I do not have any film experience and I am not that great at writing. I regret now not taking my essay writing more seriously in school. I was always afraid of starting, thinking I needed a class or course to teach me the basics. That is no longer my mindset. Now I plan on writing my own articles and stories myself, just practicing on anything I find interesting. My work with The News School should help beef up my writing experience. Coupled with the work behind the scenes in the production of newscasts with Phalanx and DiMarkco, I no longer have to fear not having experience and my dreams can become reality.

My dreams are complex but achievable. To jump-start my film aspirations, I want to get into content creation and video making. Youtube is a great outlet for storytellers and testing different ideas (for the most part). I will just think of things I would like to talk about and the videos I make from them hopefully give me more practice with writing and editing.

From there, I hope to start making short films, renting out equipment from my college, and working with friends from different film clubs I am in to be my actors. My future is bright but riddled with obstacles. Movies, music, and technology stand in that future. These are the dreams not yet abandoned, dreams that I plan to finally follow through and do something about. I am going to start now by finishing this article and finally following through on writing something for once.


Written by Chiagozie Onyewuchi

Edited by Sheena Robertson

Inline Image Courtesy of Kymberly Janisch’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Chiagozie Onyewuchi

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