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Dozens of People Injured at Legoland in Germany

Courtesy of Stefan Scheer (Wikimedia CC0)

Many people were hurt on the Fire Dragon rollercoaster at Legoland, in Germany on August 11, 2022. There had been a collision between two rollercoasters, one of them hit its brakes forcefully while the other did not. Which caused them to collide.

Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson (Flickr CC0)

There were 38 participants on each rollercoaster when they collided with each other. Of the total of people that were on the ride, 31 of them had been minorly injured, 14 of those individuals were sent to the hospital for extra examination, and one was seriously hurt from the crash.

The incident had made a full exploration and the ride is now closed for the time being. On the amusement parks website,  it states the ride is acceptable for kids aged 6 and older that have an adult with them. Youth eight years and older can go alone. According to the police, on Friday the incident will be investigated.

This situation was the second time it has happened in the country. Last week, at a different amusement park, a participant, a 57-year-old woman died, at Klotti Park, after falling off the ride.

The Fire Dragon ride goes at 18 mph, and passes through an unlit indoor space, before coming out to the huge, open, warped track. When the collision first happened, it was not clear firsthand what caused the crash to happen. However, the police are looking at the videotapes to see.  There was what’s called “a large-scale rescue operation” that included three helicopters.

” We want to thank all emergency personnel showing a great commitment at [the] site today and we want to wish a quick recovery to everyone involved,” added the park’s divisional director Manuela Stone.

Written by Key Robertson
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Top and Featured Image by Stefan Scheer Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Jeremy Thompson‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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