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Donald Trump Encourages Supporters to Vaccinate Against COVID

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

Donald Trump decided to encourage everyone to be vaccinated after being persuaded to join other former presidents in their campaign to “get a shot in every arm.” But, unfortunately, his followers’ response has been less than enthusiastic.

He and Melania quietly received a COVID-19 vaccination before leaving the White House earlier this year, after months of telling his followers the vaccine was dangerous. Trump and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on the “History Tour” in Dallas, where the pair announced they had their COVID-19 booster shots.

After boasting that he had the third vaccination, his statement was met with boos. Trump’s response was mixed; first, he said, “oh, don’t, don’t, don’t, but then he minimized the response by pointing toward a small group saying, it was okay, “it’s a very tiny group up over there.”

Courtesy of Vaccines Stock Photos (Flickr CC0)

However, that was not the first time Trump was booed after championing the COVID vaccine. He was in Cullman, Alabama at a rally in August. After he was booed, he added that he believed in their freedom to refuse to be vaccinated and assured them it was fine for them to do what they have to do. Nonetheless, Trump recommended the COVID-19 vaccinations. He proudly said he had and that it is all good.

Over 204 million or 61.4% of the country’s population are vaccinated with either 2-dose Pfizer or Moderna, or the 1-dose Johnson & Johnson.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) suggest that everyone ages five and older should be vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition to the 2-dose vaccines, health officials strongly recommend a COVID vaccine booster shot.

Vaccines, booster shots, and COVID tests are free regardless of insurance or immigration status.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Vaccines Stock Photos’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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