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Disney Removes ‘Tomorrowland’ From Streaming Platform

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Ever since its highly anticipated release and the negative critic reviews that followed, Disney’s “Tomorrowland” has not been in the public eye for around six years now. That is until the company decided to remove the 2015 movie from its streaming service in October 2021.

With Disney+ being the usual one-stop shop for all of its media, the movie getting dropped is surprising for the family-friendly media house. Many fans are speculating that the movie’s sudden dismissal has to do with its poor box office performance.

Courtesy of Walt Disney Television (Flickr CC0)

Brad Bird, director of “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille”, came back after a four-year filming hiatus to direct “Tomorrowland”. The film was highly anticipated due to Bird’s comeback and George Clooney being in the cast.

Many inferred that a Tomorrowland-themed amusement park addition would be coming to one of the infamous Disneyland theme parks. Especially since the setting of the story is a futuristic fantasy world.

The premise of a young girl discovering a daydream metropolis and uncovering its secrets with the help of a cunning scientist seemed to appeal to both older and younger audiences before the movie’s release. Once it came out, though, dismayed critics argued that the story only looked good on paper.

Unlike the usual movie successes from its production company, “Tomorrowland” received a 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes after reviewers said the movie was “weighed down by uneven storytelling.” The film ended up tanking at the box office, putting the franchise in the red zone at $150 million. This influenced the controversial decision to cut production for a third “TRON” movie, which was another expensive, visual effects-driven commercial product.

The streaming service has yet to release any information on why they removed “Tomorrowland” from their streaming platform, but the movie became unavailable as of October. Six years after its release, the movie is seen as an “unsung cult favorite” to many. Now that it is gone, fans of Brad Bird’s unsuccessful passion project will have to view it through other means.

Written by Ogechi Onyewuchi
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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