Dionne Warwick Halts Talks of Biographical Film by Scott Rudin


Scott Rudin, Hollywood, and Broadway producer stepped up to the plate after singer Dionne Warwick hinted at — via Twitter on December 16, 2020 — a possible Netflix series. She added the series should have singer Teyana Taylor, portraying her.

Though she and Rudin never officially signed papers, the legendary singer and her son discussed the project with him. They decided he should be the producer.  Rudin discussed not creating a series but possibly making a movie of the singer’s life instead.  In Jan. 2021, he began hiring writers and preparing for filming, when a story erupted that he allegedly abusing his staff.

Rudin’s abuse seems to have been known to people in the entertainment world for years. Along with sexist and racist allegations, there have been reports of verbal and physical abuse — with some hospitalized employees. At least one employee was hospitalized due to work-related stress.

WarwickOn April 17, Rudin reported that he would remove himself from all of his Broadway performances. Recently, he added his film and television projects to the list.

His reasons for removing himself were not very clear. Some people of the theatre community wonder what this really means financially for Rudin.

Warwick took to Twitter on Apr. 29 revealing that she plans on proceeding with the project. She teased fans by asking them to guess who the producer of her life story is.

With the intoxicating responses to the series — and having Teyana Taylor play her — Warwick has not let what happened to stop her and would like to see Rudin come out of this situation favorably.

Written by Brenda Robinson

Edited by Sheena Robertson

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