Delta Variant and Its Forceful Approach

delta variant

As the world is prepared to reopen in the year 2021, with massive locations offering COVID-19 vaccines. Communities around the globe have now been asked to gear up due to an unexpected outbreak is known as the Delta Variant and its forceful approach is predicted to be more severe and to surpass the death rates of the COVID-19 outbreak that occurred last year that plays a current role today, as reported by Nature on June 22, 2021.

Delta variant is also known as B.1.617.2  stems from the original COVID-19 virus. It has caused millions of deaths in the year 2020. Additionally, it has been spotted in more than 95 countries. Currently, it has been targeting the Midwest and Southeast areas and could shortly make its presence around the globe.

delta variantThe variant was first discovered in India and soon trickled over into the United Kingdom. This happened in mid-April 2021, shortly after scientist began their first trial of the COVID-19 vaccine such as Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Control (CDC) says those who are fully vaccinated result in fewer symptoms, yet, people are questioning whether it is still the same for this new variant.

As of June 15, the U.S CDC declared the Delta Variant as one that is said to be more transmissible and to cause severe illnesses from the original strain of COVID-19. This could imply that hospitals could see an increasingly high rate of patients who are not fully vaccinated within the next few months if the variant makes its way around the U.S.

Some may ask although the symptoms are different how is the virus itself different from the original COVID-19 strand. Variants are said to emerge naturally due to changes in the genetic code.

While COVID-19 is a virus that is unfamiliar to cure, the new variant has just added an extra pair of lenses for scientists to look into and should encourage those who are not vaccinated to look more into vaccinations as well as social distancing to prevent the spread of this new variant as well as COVID-19.

Written by China Page

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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