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Cuba Lockout Ends Amidst Protests


Cuban citizen’s protests towards their government resulted in violence and brutality on July 11, 2021. Government officials detained and trapped residents in their homes throughout the month of July. Residents were shut off from the outside world and unable to communicate.

The island has been under communist rule dating back to as far as 1965 during the Castro era, which fostered in The Cold War — possible missile war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R — and a revolution that led to the murder of former Cuban Leader Fulgencio Batista

This blackout prevented the outside world to report or spectate the political climate in Cuba. Citizens were terrorized by government and president supporters at the leader’s behest. The country was hit hard by U.S. sanctions and COVID which became a troubling time for residents. The handling of the pandemic from the government has left their people enraged.

Cuba A collapse in the economy, shortage of food and medicine supply, and price hikes have left strains on its citizens. Meanwhile, the government turned the cold shoulder Cuba’s citizens decided that it was the last straw. The island has always been subject to opression from government.

According to 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist and Cuban native Yoel Romero, children are grouped into skillset schools at young ages — grouping them into whatever field the government thinks they will perform best in.

Romero was grouped into a wrestling program since his adolescence he said on the Joe Rogan (JRE) podcast. Social media posts show Cuban citizens looting state-owned shops where for many its their only sources of amenities and neccessities.

Protests against their government in hopes of achieving freedom. Though thousands of them risk jail by joining in on protests, they have simply had enough. The dictatorship of the government has robbed the island of independence. As reported by BBC, an unnamed protestor stated “We are not afraid. We want change, we do not want any more dictatorship.” Numerous social media images show anti-government protestors being beat, pepper-sprayed and detained by plain-clothed law enforcement.

Written by Mikal Eggleston

Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Inset Image Courtesy of Pedro Szekely’s – Creative Commons License


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