"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

Creative Scott Is a Great Influence in North Lawndale


Creative Scott was born and raised in the North Lawndale area of Chicago, where he grew up on 16th and Avers. Scott has been a business owner for 23 years in this community. He is on the Board of Directors for the North Lawndale community newspapers, the first USCCA Afro American training counselor, certified concealed carry instructor, and he has employed hundreds of people and even influenced many people to become entrepreneurs.

Scott believes he is the first USCCA Afro American training counselor not only in the North Lawndale community, but also in Illinois. He is very excited about being in this position. Scott shared, “I had to travel to Pennsylvania to take a class, that only takes place once or twice a year.” He felt good about having this position as a counselor and having to travel. He put in a lot of hours and money to make sure he got to the point where he is now.

Creative Scott also explained that, “if you want to achieve a goal you got to step outside the box, you have to jump out to make it happen.”

At one point, there was a lady who was a shampoo girl at his shop and she came to him and stated, “I wanted to do something else.” She knew that there was something better out there for her. Scott gave her the suggestion to go to John Marshall law school, where she is now a Licensed Attorney. She mentioned on his website that he basically influenced her to do this, probably not a hundred percent but he was one of the main reasons why.

He stated, “I had a legal situation and she ended up giving me my first case, free.”

On July 4 there was an event that took place in which he and a friend came together and were the only ones that were really able to make things happen. He did most of the onstage entertaining with martial arts stuff, while his partner Derrick did other stuff like fireworks and boxing programs. Scott feels as if, were it was not for them the event would not have happened because it is on them to make it happen.

Scott stated, “your appearance needs to be the standard they expect because people look at you and assume what type of individual you are.”

He wants to help not only men but women as well. For example, Scott has helped many people become licensed in concealed to carry.

Creative Scott believes the city of Chicago needs so much more in order to be better, like curving the violence, building houses, shelters for homeless people, better communication with law enforcement, the youth and so much more. He also believes in having people skills, communication, self-discipline, and respect across the board.

Most people who get into office talk about most of the same points and a lot they have not addressed. He feels as though a lot of people talk about it but that once a person actually gets into office they must show action.

He stated, “be a man of your word. So many people are not a man of their word, men and women.” Scott thinks that this is why no one believes politicians, because they lie to get into office so that they can get paid. However, he feels as though he is the example of being the total opposite of what people tend to do.

Creative Scott really does play a major role in the North Lawndale community, and he is all for helping everyone.

Written By Kera Dale
Edited by Kimberley Spinney


Interview: Creative Scott – July 24, 2018

Image of Courtesy Juan Ayala

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