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COVID-19 Antibodies as First Gift From Mother to Newborn


Recent studies have shown that pregnant women who had received a COVID-19 vaccine shot can alter a child’s ability to fight the virus — in a proactive way. On March 19, 2021, CBS reported that one woman in her final trimester of pregnancy received the vaccination. During labor, the newborn’s blood tests — on its umbilical cord — had shown the infant was a carrier for the virus’s antibodies.

Although still yet to be fully evaluated, Doctors Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick have shared the information they had discovered during a mother’s delivery. This data shows that the blood extracted from the umbilical cord had been teeming with virus antibodies.

COVID-19Pregnant women were not amongst the first types of patients for the Moderna COVID-19 test trials. Vaccines like influenza and tetanus-diphtheria (TD) were transferable from mother to child via placenta. Doctors — to a certain degree — were anticipating a similar result from the COVID-19 vaccine as well, especially since it has been documented that a mother could pass along the virus to her unborn child by way of simple contraction.

CBS confirmed information about a major study from the Massachusetts General Hospital on the effects that the COVID-19 vaccines have on pregnant women. They studied 131 pregnant and lactating women: “Antibodies were present in the placenta and breast-milk of every sample taken.”

Despite the potential for strengthening our defenses as a society against the virus, doctors still see risks in pregnant women’s vaccinations — at least until enough research can prove it safe. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — both developers of a COVID-19 vaccine — haves stated that they plan to research pregnant women and infants. Doctors have expressed that these findings should bring a little consolation for hopeful parents whose children have yet to be approved for the vaccine.

Written by Armoni Von Kelly
Edited by Sheena Robertson


CBS News: First baby in U.S. born with antibodies against COVID-19 after mom receives does of Moderna vaccine while pregnant; by Sofie Lewis

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