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Collins’ Volleyball Team Puts Up a Fight But Loses 25-17


On Tuesday, Collins’ volleyball team lost their last match of the season as well as the opportunity to go on to the regionals. The Collins Lady Warriors lost after only two sets against Holy Trinity’s Tigers at Christ the King College Prep High School.

In the first set, the Lady Warriors started off leading by a few points. However, Holy Trinity’s Tigers quickly scored and surpassed them.

In the second set, Holy Trinity started off leading by six points, but their flow was quickly cut off by Lady Warriors’ Tamia Harding as opponents were unable to return her serves.

Although the Collins volleyball team began to catch up with the Tigers, they still lost the game, 25-17. The Holy Trinity team seemed to have developed a strategy to win the game: Dig, set, spike. The Lady Warriors could not block the spikes and it caused them to lose the game.

During the game, Principal Sharpe, of Collins Academy, came to cheer on her students during the first part of the game. Even when she saw that her school was not winning the game, she continued to encourage her team.

After the game, the Lady Warriors showed their displeasure in losing. Their Principal found this behavior upsetting. She had a talk with the team and told them how proud she was of each and every one of them. She reminded the team that they were only defeated if they believed they were.

By the time she completed her encouraging talk, every member of the team had a smile on their face in hopes of having even greater success next season.

By Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Image Courtesy of Staff Photographer Devin Jackson

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