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Chicago Public Schools Reopening?


As Coronavirus cases continue to surge worldwide, whether or not Chicago schools are reopening has been a major question. As far as teachers, district administrators, and the mayor knows, everything is up in the air.

Moreover, Mayor Lightfoot mentioned, “Our metrics are pretty good and stable. Although we’re concerned about new cases growing in the 18-29-year-old cohort”(NBC5). Prior to this statement, she also mentioned that it is too early to decide what schools will look like in the fall. Though Illinois has released guidelines for school reopening, CPS schools are creating their own guidelines.

Moreover, Lightfoot says that she is following the guidance of public health officials. And in the event that August presents more Covid-19 cases, contingency plans are in place. Illinois guidelines might allow students back in the classrooms, but only if there are less than 50 students and they are wearing masks.

It is important to note that sending students to the school will be a risk. But CPS will work closely with parents to make sure it is safe. In the event cases surge in September, the school will be placed online and remain until it is safe. In order to ensure student safety, however, extra sanitation measures will be put in place. Hopefully, either option will be for the betterment of everyone.

Written by Reginae Echols

Edited by Sheena Robertson


NBC5Chicago: Mayor Lightfoot Says Update From CPS on Fall Schooling Coming This Week

Image Courtesy of spacedust2019’s Flickr Page-Creative Commons

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