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Buccaneers Receiver Antonio Brown Throws in the Towel

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Antonio Brown is a well-known receiver born in Florida and has played in the NFL since 2010. He has been on multiple teams throughout his promising career. Since 2010, he has accumulated 928 receptions, 12,291 yards, a career average of 128 rushing yards per game, and 88 touchdowns over the course of his professional career. He has also been selected as first-time All-Pro, 7 time Pro Bowler, and 2-time yards leader. To start off the first game of the New Year on Jan. 2, 2022, the Buccaneers receiver, Brown threw in the towel and walked off the field during a game with the New York Jets.

“During a break in second-half play, Brown abruptly took off his gear, threw his shirt and gloves into the stands and jogged off the field. Before exiting, he did some jumping jacks in the end zone and waved to the New York crowd before running into the tunnel,” according to Yahoo! Sports. The football player’s coach Bruce Arians told the star receiver to return back to the game and Brown refused as he walked off the field Sunday. The Buccaneer football star recently came back from a 3 game suspension due to him violating the NFL COVID-19 protocol. It has been alleged that he violated the NFL COVID-19 protocol by creating a fake vaccination card.

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The wide receiver has a history of allegations over the course of his sports career. A lawsuit was filed against him in terms of rape involving his personal trainer in 2019. He was accused of three separate incidents of sexual assault that involved Britney Taylor. She was a gymnast who the football player met while attending Central Michigan. The former pro bowler later hired Britney as his personal trainer.

The lawsuit was filed in the Federal courts of Florida. The civil suit states that he forcibly kissed Taylor and exposed private parts during training at his Pittsburgh home in 2017. Then in 2018, the NFL player masturbated behind his trainer’s back while watching a church service together on her iPad and then ejaculated on her back. The third incident according to his trainer alleges that Brown pushed Taylor face-first into a mattress and “forcibly” raped her in his Miami home in 2018, after the trainer accepted him back as a client from the second incident in 2017.

The New England Patriots released Brown in September 2019 following these allegations. Sponsors, such as Nike, have dropped the wide receiver in the midst of his legal troubles. Nobody knows currently why Buccaneers receiver Brown threw in the towel after the team gave him a shot to play for them following his release from the Patriots.

“Brown felt he was too injured to play so he refused to go in the game when Arians asked him to. Going into Week 17, Brown had been dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of practice on both Thursday and Friday,” according to CBS Sports.

The wider receiver has a reoccurring issue due to the same ankle injury, which caused him to miss multiple games. Buccaneers receiver Brown threw in the towel and walked off the field during the game’s 3rd quarter on Sunday.

Written by Lionel Carter
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware

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