Britney Spears’ Manager Resigns


Although news of singer, Britney Spears’, conservatorship has largely dominated the news recently, there still remains a lot of uncertainty. Following Spears’ hearing on June 23, 2021, comes news that the singer’s manager, Larry Rudolph, has resigned. Rudolph has managed a multitude of talented performers and singers, including Toni Braxton and Miley Cyrus. As more celebrities show support for Spears, Rudolph is showing his support for the singer’s plans to end her conservatorship.


Reasoning For Resignation

After working with the singer for over 25 years, Rudolph revealed that two and a half years ago, Spears expressed her desire to take a work hiatus. However, the singer’s desire to take a hiatus was not what ultimately made Rudolph quit. In his resignation letter to the performers’ father, Jamie Spears, Rudolph revealed that the singer wants to retire from music altogether. As a result, Rudolph decided it is in the performers’ best interest for him to resign as her manager.

Resignation Letter Details

Like most of the general public, the private details of the singer’s conservatorship remain amongst the singer’s family. Thus, Rudolph noted in his letter that he has not been involved with the performer’s conservatorship and therefore he cannot comment on details outside of what the performer, herself has told him. He ends his letter by wishing the singer well and telling Britney that if she ever needs him in the future, he will be available.

Supportive Peers

However, This news comes after the performer made remarks about her conservatorship being “abusive”. Rudolph’s resignation adds to the list of people who support Britney’s fight to end her conservatorship. In fact, many notable celebrities have expressed their support for the grammy-winning talent as her conservatorship battle continues.

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CNN: Britney Spears’ longtime manager Larry Rudolph resigns, citing singer’s desire to retire

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