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Black Lives Matter Increases Tension Between Israel and Palestine


Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement plowed headfirst into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict adopting an erroneous platform. They falsely claim the Jewish nation is guilty of genocide and apartheid. The BLM’s interjection in the region has exacerbated the on-going tension between the two middle-eastern states.

Given the history of Jewish genocide, the BLM loosely throwing around language like this is highly offensive and utterly irresponsible. Some people believe this accusation to have no credibility, especially since the nation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited and warmly welcomed by numerous African heads of state in April.

Perhaps these activists are focused on the wrong area of the region. In Syria, Israel’s neighbor, entire minority communities have been systematically wiped out, including the “ethnic cleansing of Christians.” Moreover, in much of the Middle East, an uncountable number of women and girls suffer “rape and sexual enslavement,” according to Huffington Post.

On the other hand, the need for the BLM might be necessary even if their accusations are misguided. With certainty, there are racial tensions in the region and refugees seeking asylum from other nations is increasing the strife between the Israelis and Palestinians. It does not help the situation any when leaders use derogatory and demeaning language when referring to African migrants.

On March 17, 2018, Yitzhak Yosef one of two chief Israeli rabbis used the word monkeys when referring to black people in his weekly sermon. He also used “Kushi,” which is considered offensive and as an equivalent to the word nigga.

Apparently, Rabbi Yosef is a well-known bigot in the city. Two years prior, he stated that all “non-Jews,” ie., Africans, Arabs, etc., should only be allowed remain as servants to the Jewish community.

Many believe Yosef’s recent remarks could be in reference to the impending expulsion of nearly 40,000 black Christian and Muslim refugees from Eritrea and Sudan, Africa. This is in addition to over 20,000 who were coerced into leaving Israel and returning to Africa.

In another hideous display of racial degradation, Netanyahu compared non-Jewish African refugees to the severe attacks by Sinai terrorists, stating they were “much worse.” His depiction of the Africans came after public outcry expressing reservations about the plan to expel thousands to a stateless existence.

The situation gravely concerns the liberal entities in America as well as Israel. Nyle Fort, a Black Lives Matter activist, spoke at “an event sponsored by the Black Student Union and Kenyon Students for Justice in Palestine.”

He is calling for Palestine solidarity. Fort said there are similarities in the injustices found in both the United States and Palestine. Moreover, he explained the conflicts carried out by Israeli and American governments are not separate. Actually, they are interdependent battles.

Fort compared the incarceration of black Americans and Palestinians is a result of power and wealth built on the backsides of the most vulnerable of its citizens and immigrants. He added the fact that Palestinians have one of the highest rates of incarceration per-capita. Overall, 20 percent of its inhabitants had been jailed at some point.

There seems to be some agreement on the matter as a 21-year-old man, who attended the event stated Fort’s insight was significant. He said, “It was pretty monumental to draw the connection between the oppression of both sides.”

Black Lives Matter Movement’s agenda is putting stress on an already tense situation. While they strive to raise awareness in Palestine about Israel’s mistreatment, something Palestinians of color already know, the world looks on and wonders if they are poking at a hornet’s nest. The two middle-eastern states are destined to continue to battle for the land as they have for generations.

By Cathy Milne


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