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Award-Winning Actor Hal Holbrook Dies at Age 95


Award-winning actor — known for his one-man portrayal of Mark Twain — has died at the age of 95. According to The New York Times, Holbrook passed away on Jan. 23, 2021, in his Beverly Hills, California home. His assistant, Joyce Cohen, confirmed the actor’s death on February 1.

He was born Harold Rowe Holbrook Jr. on Feb. 17, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio. The actor was raised primarily in South Weymouth, Massachusetts where he attended Culver Academies.

He served in the Army during World War II out of Newfoundland. Holbrook attended Denison University after the war. The actor graduated from the University in 1948. His senior honors project was centered around Mark Twain.

Later on, he developed the one-man show called “Mark Twain Tonight.” During the show, he impersonated the great American writer Mark Twain — also known as Samuel Clemens.

In 1954, he appeared on the TV soap opera “The Brighter Day.” That same year he played Mark Twain as a solo act at the Lock Haven State Teachers College — located in Pennsylvania.

HolbrookAfter Ed Sullivan saw Holbrook’s act he featured him on his TV program “The Ed Sullivan Show.” One of the famous roles he portrayed was in the original Broadway production “Incident at Vichy.” In the production, he played “The Major.”

In 1972 had played Martin Sheen’s significant other in “That Certain Summer.” This controversial and acclaimed TV movie was the first to sympathetically portray homosexuality.

Holbrook played the enigmatic “Deep Throat” in the 1976 movie “All the President’s Men.” In the 1990s he had a regular role in the TV series “Evening Shade” — where he played Burt Reynold’s father-in-law.

The actor was married three times in his lifetime. The first time was on Sept. 21, 1945, to Ruby Holbrook. Together they had two children. Their marriage ended in 1965.

He married Carol Eve Rossen on Dec 28, 1966. They had one child together. The couple divorced on June 14, 1983.

Holbrook’s last marriage was to Dixie Carter. They married on May 27, 1984. Carter passed away on April 10, 2010, making Holbrook a widow.

His three children’s names are Victoria, David, and Eve. Holbrook won a Tony Award and 10 Emmy nominations during his career.

He will greatly be missed by his family, friends, and many fans. May he rest in peace.


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