Asymptomatic Vaccinated People Likely Help Spread the Delta Variant


As vaccines for COVID-19 are rolling around the world; a rise in cases of the Delta variant has been spotted all over the United States. The reasons seem to be crowds and various other groups are together as the county opens back up, as reported July 7, 2021.

According to CNN, 24 states’ percentages for COVID-19 cases have increased by 10 percent. With vaccination in place, the United States eased up on restrictions, but after the Delta variant had made its entrance, the U.S. is on edge with pulling restrictions. The CDC had stated that people who do not have the vaccine are at high risk for contracting the variant.

DeltaWith high hopes of U.S. citizens getting vaccinated to fight this virus, COVID-19 evolved into different strands such as Alpha and Delta. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who are fully vaccinated will not need any boosters to help fight against this virus and its variants.

Even with some of the U.S. population vaccinated, this variant of COVID-19 is more infectious. It can not only wreak havoc on those without the vaccination, but those who are vaccinated are also prone to be asymptomatic and pass this strong variant onto others without even knowing. In addition, when vaccinated individuals get this variant, they experience symptoms such as a mild cold with ache symptoms like a running nose and a headache.

According to a recent study from the UK, Pfizer’s vaccine is about 88 percent effective against the Delta variant. It is unknown at this time if the other vaccines — Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — are effective against the Delta variant.

With the world reopening, it seems as if it is taking a step back as COVID-19 is launching a second wave of infections, and it will take a collective effort to minimize spread. So people should do what they can and get vaccinated and wear a mask as common courtesy to their fellow men and women.

Written by Darryl Johnson
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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