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Android 11 Coming Soon

Android 11

Android 11 will be launching sooner than you think, mark the date September 8, 2020, which will be available on the pixel phone. A lot of Android 11 has already leaked because of google so many already be lucky.

The new Android 11 will be launching everywhere for updating on your Android phone. This new update will include three different notification one being conversations, alerting, and silent notification. The newest one would be conversations allowing you to separate the notification out from your chat apps allowing you to first be able to bubble your notification.

Also, you will be able to make some people a priority so they will be able to go through your do not disturb setting. The power menu has been highly improved by adding a smart control center. With the new multi-screen there have been three buttons added to the bottom where you can just hit the screenshot button and it will allow you to screenshot from the very spot you are in.

To improve the privacy on the Android 11 they have increased the restriction on any app asking for your location, adding to the settings what only able to use one time or while on the app only. One of the major add ons that was added to the Android 10 update but then got snatched was screen recording is very similar to the iPhone. Screen recording may stay but may also get snatched again.

Written By: Jordan Fenderson

Edited by Sheena Robertson


The Verge: Google video reveals Android 11 will likely launch on September 8th

Top and Featured Image Courtesy to Entyk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons

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