"It is easier to build a strong child than to repair a broken man." - Frederick Douglass

9-Year-Old Locked in Dog Cage by Grandmother


In Racine County Wisconsin, a 9-year-old girl was locked in a dog cage after ingesting cleaning supplies and threatening to kill her grandmother and the boyfriend.

It was the 9-year-old’s appearance that prompted an investigation. The child arrived at school with her hair cut extremely short, when the teacher asked what happened, she replied it was a punishment from her grandmother.

Officers from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office arrested the grandmother, Gail Lalonde and her boyfriend Dale Deavers for causing mental harm to a child and false imprisonment. They were additionally charged with drug trafficking. Officers found grow lights, four ounces of dried weed, and 23 marijuana plants on the premises.

According to Sherriff Christopher Schmaling, in 23 years in law enforcement, he had not “seen anyone treat a child like an animal…It doesn’t get much worse than this.”

Lolonde and Deavers said the cage was to keep the child safe. They stated the 9-year-old consumed cleaning products and threatened to kill the couple.

The child and her 10-year-old sibling have been placed in protective custody. The couple are being held on a $55,000 bond. They will have a preliminary hearing on Sept. 12, 2017.

Written by Jeanette Smith


WSLS: Girl, 9, Kept Locked in Dog Cage, Cops Arrest Grandma: ‘It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than This’

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