Tyrone Williams Bio of Life


Tyrone Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 9, 1961, to James and Louise Williams. He has an older brother, Jerome, and a younger sister, Olivette.

He attended Parker Elementary school and graduated to Parker High school. During high school, he played football and became a member of the high school band and choir.

His love for music awarded him a full ride, four years scholarship to Lincoln University in Jefferson City Missouri. Due to Williams failing to fill out his financial funding papers on time, he was asked to leave the school.

Returning to Chicago, he got a job working for Time, Life Books, and Magazines. There he met his first wife Nijuana Johnson. They divorced 18 years later. Shortly after, he met his second wife — Yolanda Hill — at Cigna Heath care where they both worked.

Over the years he developed skills in graphic design, writing, communication, and of course music fields.

He would like to continue to prosper with The News School’s Intern Journalism Course. He has a futuristic plan to become a giant in the broadcasting and publication arena.

Written by Omari Jahi

Edited by Sheena Robertson

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